Tuesday, December 3, 2013

App Store Review Times by Shiny Development

Dave Verwer of Shiny Development has fashioned a net bot so as to trolls Twitter in support of tweets almost App Store re-evaluation time and maintains a running run of the mill of both iOS and Mac re-evaluation time. The results are continuously existing by the side of this website. The more frequent who donate, the better the data will be, so if you care for to donate, precisely tweet your re-evaluation instant using the #iosreviewtime or #macreviewtime hash tags like the instance tweet.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blender 2.57 Objective-C Export Script

A only some days in the past, the Blender Foundation deposit not worth it the at the outset announce candidate of Blender 2.5. This announce unexpectedly broke compatibility with on the whole existing 2.5 python scripts, counting my Objective-C heading Export Script.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MacBook Air 11" as Dev Machine

I truly got back interior from Seattle, wherever I went to attend and converse next to Voices to facilitate Matter. The VTM people plunk on a horrendous league, as until the end of time, and I'll own more to say around to facilitate in upcoming blog posts.

WWDC Mothership Pilgrimage 2011

Okay, in the same way as revealing many fill with I wasn't departing to organize a visit to the Mothership on the Sunday or WWDC,


You may well own been consideration a quantity of rumors and jokes around Twitter about something called "Appsterdam".

Bus Trip Update

Just wanted to collapse you all an renew on the means of transportation pilgrimage to Cupertino on June 5th. We had a tremendous fair of relevance. Approximately 300 fill with articulated an relevance,

Empty OpenGL ES Application Xcode 4 Template

Jacques De Schepper sent in an updated version of my old Empty OpenGL ES Application Template, updated to consume Xcode 4's completely revamped templating means. You can download the modern Xcode 4 version of the guide justification now. I haven't had a good fortune yet to test this improbable, but as soon as I look after, I'll furthermore add it to GitHub. Thanks, Jacques!